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Adranium offers publishers a new dimension to user engagement. Our robust tools offer new ways to keep you ahead of your game. We also offer monetization and other services that includes 1st and 3rd party data collection, critical analytics and publisher programmatic to name a few.

1st/3rd Party Data Collection

We have developed tools that will help publishers to grow their user base and get the most out of their websites by analysing the behaviour of the visitors and growing the bottom line at the same time.

Exclusive Format For Campaigns

We offer a new way to the publishers to have incremental ad revenue by following the fundamental principle of marketing, ‘right ad to the right person at the right time’. We help the publishers show their audience what they love.

Prebid & Programmatic Campaigns

This world gives stiff competition in everything, why not have it the ad business to give the publishers better revenue! Ask your account manager for a completely free Prebid set-up.

1st/3rd Party Data Tool .

According to a survey, 85% of US marketers and 75% of respondents in Western Europe said that increasing their use of first-party data is a high priority. Publishers can leverage our technology to get the most accurate 1st party data of their user base resulting in:

  • User Retention.
  • Increased User Engagement.
  • Personalized Ad Experience.
  • Comply with GDPR and CCPA.

We use 1st and 3rd party data to bring the publishers custom made direct deals apart from the incremental revenue from Adranium’s box!

Engagement Widgets

We have a pool of engagement widgets custom tailored according to every publisher’s requirements.

Publishers can create quizzes, polls, stories and so on to increase user engagement, drive page views, increased user retention and e-commerce.

Our widgets are completely responsive in size and fits all screens. Publishers can also run their in-house campaigns on the widgets.

Programmatic & Prebid Setup

Programmatic technology is designed to ensure that the right ad is seen by the right person at the right time. It is the automated digital ad selling by publishers and ad buying by advertisers through data-driven software in real-time.

  • Dyanmic Auction.
  • AdSense Auction.
  • High eCPM.

Adranium ensures that our publishers get the best possible programmatic deals by combining the robust tools and data-driven approach.Prebid is a set-up where different advertisers or demand partners bid in real time and the one bids the highest gets to show its ad ensuring that the publisher gets the maximum revenue for his inventory.

Adranium provides a Prebid set-up completely free of cost for your website.

New Creatives For Advertising

A recent survey showed that even though online time has increased manifolds in the last couple of years, click-through rate has taken a hit. This is neither good for the advertisers nor the publishers.

Adranium tackles this major issue by providing new creatives and formats which are going to make sure that CTR never becomes a factor in low revenue for the publishers.

  • Expanables.
  • Interstitals.
  • Flying Carpet.


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